Injury Prevention

While some of the population of the northeast hunkers down to endure yet another blustery New England winter hibernating in front of the TV, the rest of us are enjoying the wealth of winter sports or gearing up and getting in shape for the promise of warmer days to come. Wether it’s skiing or boarding, training for the Boston Marathon, your spring sporting season, or just sticking to that New Year’s resolution, many of us will hit a few bumps along the way. There is no worse feeling than loosing your hard-earned fitness by getting derailed from your preseason progress due to injury. Here are a few helpful tips to help you avoid injury and keep that training plan on track:

Don’t over do it: For those of us getting back into fitness, or just eager to start your training season there is often the urge to want too much too soon. Try to keep your goals small and work up to higher levels of fitness.

Stay within yourself: Just because the person next to you is running a 6 minute mile or lifting 200 pounds doesn’t mean you have to. Try to curb the machismo, you will get there in time and your muscles, tendons and joints will be healthier for it.

Keep it loose: Improving your flexibility is the best way to increase your range of motion, lengthen muscle tissue, and prevent muscle strain when done correctly. Research has shown that maintaining a stretch between 30-60 seconds for each muscle stretched yields steady lasting results when done daily.

Deep freeze: Try a five to six minute ice massage, directly to the skin, at the first signs of tendonitis.

Change it up: Changing up your routine makes sure that all muscle groups are getting adequate rest and recovery time.

Drink up: Keeping yourself hydrated will help your body repair faster.

Make the call: if you haven’t been able to chase away those nagging injuries with the usual methods, don’t wait… See a qualified medical professional. Most New England states offer direct access to services such as Physical Therapy. The sooner you can get professional advice and or treatment, the less likely a small injury could turn into one that gets you out of your routine.

These simple tips may help you to keep your fitness going strong and keep you injury free for the season to come.

Written on January 16th, 2012 , Injury Prevention

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